Posted on March 01, 2017

BFGoodrich® Tires Releases New Sizes For Advantage T/A® Sport


GREENVILLE, S.C., March 1, 2017BFGoodrich® Tires has released 18 new tire sizes of its new BFGoodrich® Advantage T/A® Sport tire. The tire that is bringing fun back to drivers’ daily routines is now available in 53 sizes at more than 20,000 BFGoodrich authorized dealers and through the Company’s website in certain locations. 

This year-round tire is designed with improved traction, handling and braking performance to extract maximum enjoyment out of everyday driving without sacrificing the practicality that drivers require.

The BFGoodrich® Advantage T/A® Sport is designed for a wide selection of sedan, sporty coupe, passenger CUV and minivan fitments, and delivers the ideal combination of performance and versatility. Excellent steering response, handling and durability combine with optimal flexibility to prepare drivers for a wide range of changing weather and road conditions.

The Advantage T/A Sport delivers premium all-season performance through better wet braking1, snow traction2 and dry handling3 and includes a 70,000-mile warranty4.

The BFGoodrich Advantage T/A® Sport is offered in sizes ranging from 15” to 18” with T, H and V speed ratings, and will include six new sizes not offered previously (three 18”, two 17” and one 16”). Additional sizes for CUV, SUV and pickup trucks will arrive later in 2017 with the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A® Sport LT.

For additional information about the BFGoodrich Tires Advantage T/A® Sport tire, please visit http://www.BFGoodrichTires.com.

185/60R15 84T Advantage T/A Sport

225/55R17 97H Advantage T/A Sport

195/55R15 85V Advantage T/A Sport

225/55R17 97V Advantage T/A Sport

195/55R16 87V Advantage T/A Sport

225/55R18 98V Advantage T/A Sport

205/50R16 87V Advantage T/A Sport

225/60R18 100H Advantage T/A Sport

205/50R17/XL 93V Advantage T/A Sport

235/45R17/XL 97H Advantage T/A Sport

205/65R16 95H Advantage T/A Sport

235/45R18/XL 98V Advantage T/A Sport

215/45R17 87V Advantage T/A Sport

235/55R18 100T Advantage T/A Sport

225/45R17 91H Advantage T/A Sport

235/65R16 103T Advantage T/A Sport

225/45R18/XL 95V Advantage T/A Sport

245/45R18 96V Advantage T/A Sport














[1] Based on internal wet braking results from 50 MPH using a 2013 Honda Accord LX vs. previous generation BFGoodrich® Advantage T/A® tire in size 215/55R17 94V. Actual on-road results may vary.

2 Based on third-party snow traction tests using ASTM Test Method F1805-12 vs. previous generation BFGoodrich® Advantage T/A® tire in size 215/55R17 94V. Actual on-road results may vary.

3 Based on internal dry handling results using a 2013 Honda Accord LX vs. previous-generation BFGoodrich® Advantage T/A® tire in size 215/55R17 94V. Actual on-road results may vary.

4 70,000-mile limited treadlife warranty for T-rated tires; 60,000-mile limited treadlife warranty for H-/V-rated tires.


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