Posted on May 01, 2024

BFGoodrich Tires sets the bar higher with launch of All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire


BFGoodrich Tires invented and revolutionized the all-terrain tire. Now it’s doing it again with the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire.

Building on the outstanding performance of the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire, BFGoodrich developed the KO3 tire to satisfy the evolving needs of off-road consumers by incorporating the latest tire technologies into a tire that delivers even stronger performance and benefits than the KO2 tire.

“BFGoodrich Tires’ legendary toughness has been made tougher with the creation of the All-Terrain KO3 tire,” said Harold Phillips, BFGoodrich Global General Manager. “We’ve done a lot of racing and research in the 10 years since we launched the KO2 tire, so a decade of data, feedback, technology and experience went into the development of the KO3 tire. We are our own competition, and we knew it was time to take the all-terrain tire to another level. It will be exciting to see what consumers will do – at work and at play – with the KO3 tire.”

BFGoodrich will introduce more than 100 sizes over 24 months, starting with 13 sizes available in May. The phased launch will continue with 17 additional sizes in August and five more sizes in October. An additional 52 sizes arrive in 2025 and 19 sizes in 2026.

The All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire has improved wear performance, improved gravel road durability, and improved snow traction while maintaining the sidewall toughness and soft soil traction of the KO2 tire.

Treadwear: BFGoodrich engineered the All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire with a new tread pattern and new all-terrain tread compound to provide durability and longevity, even on gravel. The KO3 tire has an optimized footprint and full-depth 3D locking sipes designed for even wear over the long haul.

Toughness: CoreGard Technology gives the KO3 tire excellent sidewall toughness, which earned it the Baja Champion badge. The Advanced Deflection Design helps prevent objects from snagging and splitting the sidewall.

Traction: Even in the worst conditions, the All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire is made to grip. The serrated shoulder design and Mud-Phobic Bars improve upon the KO2 tire’s outstanding mud and snow traction, helping it earn the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake severe-snow rating.

These features have been proven to provide the following benefits:

  • The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire has better wear performance than the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire.
  • The All-Terrain KO3 tire’s new tread pattern design and new all-terrain tread compound provide better gravel road durability than the All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire. 
  • The All-Terrain KO3 tire’s new tread pattern design and new all-terrain tread compound provide better snow traction than the All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire.

The All-Terrain T/A KO3 tire is the newest member of the Terrain Family of BFGoodrich tires. The KO3 tire carries a 50,000-mile warranty and 60-day satisfaction guarantee. For more information or to find your size, visit or your local BFGoodrich dealer and get started on your next off-road adventure.

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