Posted on June 28, 2013

BFGoodrich® Tires Set for Ultimate Vertical Test


At the mid-point of an off road race season that has seen great success for the brand in both desert racing and short course competition, BFGoodrich® Tires will look to prove its durability and toughness in the ultimate vertical climb.

Team BFGoodrich member Andrew Comrie-Picard will take his 2013 Toyota Scion XD Rally America car equipped with BFGoodrich Tires to the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs, Colo. On June 30, Comrie-Picard will compete in his third overall Pikes Peak event and first in the time attack class.

The competition showcases a variety of BFGoodrich competition tires such as the g-force™ RC-01 rally cross and g-force™ R1-S.

"Pikes Peak has always been a tremendous challenge, but now being fully paved adds a level of speed and grip levels that have not historically been present," said Peter Calhoun, motorsports manager, BFGoodrich Tires. "Add in changing weather conditions and it is one of the most unique and treacherous motorsport events in the world."

Andrew Comrie-Picard won the 2009 North American Rally Championship and competed in five X Games rally car events, winning a bronze medal in 2010. He has also competed in professional drifting, road racing, short-course off-road and in the SCORe Baja1000 as part of Team BFGoodrich. When not racing, he precision-drives in film and television and hosts the new web series "Open Road" on Yahoo! Autos. This is his third time competing at Pikes Peak.

"After qualifying we've seen it's a tougher race than ever," said Comrie-Picard. "The big thing is that it's now all pavement, but has some rough sections, so the speeds are very high but the margin for error is small. The challenge is you need a lot of traction but you also need a lot of forgiveness in the tire. We're on the BFGoodrich rallycross tires this year and like every BFGoodrich tire I've ever driven or raced on, they're helping me out hugely by being predictable and forgiving. We're not giving up anything in traction or speed."

Comrie-Picard finished his qualifying run ninth in his class and 19th overall- not without a demonstration of the difficulty facing the drivers.


Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

One of the world's most famous motorsports events and the second oldest motorsports race in the U.S., the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is celebrating its 91st run to the 14,110-foot summit of the mountain. Featuring a challenging 156-turn and 12.42-mile course that covers a 4,720-foot elevation change, drivers and cars will struggle against varying terrain and thin air.

Nearly 200 competitors, a number on BFGoodrich® tires, will take on the challenge. These drivers include the following:

  • Andrew Comrie-Picard will fit his Scion XD with BFGoodrich® Tires g-Force™ RC-01 rally cross race tires
  • The Honda Performance Development (HPD) team has entered three vehicles fitted with BFGoodrich tires:
  • HPD Acura TL with ( SIZe)BFGoodrich® g-Force R1-S tires
  • HPD Honda CR-Z hybrid Coupe, with (size) BFGoodrich® g-Force R1-S tires
  • HPD Fit eV with (size) BFGoodrich® g-Force R1-S tires

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