Posted on June 09, 2010

BFGoodrich® Tires Kicks Up Dust and Wins 2010 SCORE Baja 500

  • Andy and Scott McMillin Win 2010 SCORe Baja 500; earn BFGoodrich Tires Its 50th SCORe Baja 500/1000 Overall Victory
  • BFGoodrich Tires Take Victory in eleven of Fifteen SCORe Baja 500 Classes
  • BFGoodrich Tires Honored by Horsepower Ranch with placement in "Wall of Fame"

Add the 42nd Annual SCORe Baja 500 to the never-ending list of accomplishments for BFGoodrich® Tires' racers Andy McMillin and Scott McMillin. The father and son combo battled their way through the unforgiving Baja desert to take home the overall four-wheel title, capping what was an incredible weekend for BFGoodrich Tires. Not only did the McMillin victory give BFGoodrich Tires its 50th combined win at the SCORe Baja 500 (27 wins) and SCORe Baja 1000 (23 wins), but the tire manufacturer was also inducted into the famed Horsepower Ranch "Wall of Fame."

After starting the race in the 8th position, Andy and Scott McMillin drove their No. 31 McMillin Realty Ford F-150 Trophy Truck equipped with BFGoodrich Baja T/A® KR tires through all 438.81 miles of the tough desert terrain in nine hours, 15 minutes and 13 seconds. Assisting this fast run were their BFGoodrich tires, as they did not experience a single tire issue throughout the race.

"It was a smooth day, no problems," said Andy McMillin after the race. "We're starting to click as a team and I think we're the team to beat if we're having a good day - and we've been having a lot of good days lately."

The victory marked Andy McMillin's fourth career SCORe Trophy Truck win and his second SCORe Baja 500 class win. Scott McMillin earned his sixth class win in the SCORe Baja 500 and his third overall victory having won the overall twice in Class 1 with his late father Corky McMillin. It was also Scott McMillin's second career SCORe Trophy Truck race win, adding to the victory he had in last year's Tecate SCORe Baja 1000 with his son Andy.

Andy and Scott McMillin were also recognized by BFGoodrich Tires at Friday's media conference for their victory at the 2009 SCORe Baja 1000. Over the years, BFGoodrich Tires has presented SCORe Baja 1000 championship rings to racers who conquered the toughest off-road race on the planet on BFGoodich tires. Joining Andy and Scott McMillin were 2007 SCORe Baja 1000 winner's Rob MacCachren and Mark Post and 2008 SCORe Baja 1000 winner's Roger Norman and Larry Roeseler.

Finishing only seven minutes behind the McMillins was another talented father and son combo, Gustavo Vildosola Jr. and Gustavo Vildosola Sr. The Vildosola team, who placed third in the 2009 SCORe Baja 1000, drove their No. 21 Redbull Chevy Silverado equipped with BFGoodrich tires to the finish line in nine hours, 22 minutes and 14 seconds. The team ran so well that at the expected driver change, the elder Vildosola determined that his son should continue the race to the finish line.

BFGoodrich Tires, the official tire for the SCORe Desert Racing Series, took home eleven class wins including Class 1 victory with Steve Appleton and Mike Julson.

"This was a textbook way for BFGoodrich® to kick off its 35th anniversary of BFGoodrich Tires racing with SCORe in Baja," said Roberts Kukainis, Motorsports Manager, BFGoodrich Tires. "We came down here at the invitation of SCORe's Sal Fish 35 years ago to prove the toughness of our tires in the most unforgiving terrain on earth. With 50 combined wins to date at SCORe's Baja 500 and Baja 1000, more than all other tire manufacturers combined, I think we've done that. And you know what - we will continue to return to Baja and support the SCORe series, our racers and enjoy the hospitality of the wonderful people of the Baja Peninsula. Not only are 50 wins a great testament to the toughness of our tires, but also to the skill of the drivers who choose BFGoodrich. Congratulations to the McMillins and the ten additional class winners that chose to compete in this granddaddy of all off-road races on BFGoodrich tires."

Prior to the race on Thursday, June 3, BFGoodrich Tires, along with five-time SCORe Baja 1000 winner Mark McMillin and three-time Baja 1000 winners the "Terrible Herbst" family, were honored by ensenada's famed Horsepower Ranch at the 2010 Baja Legacy event. The three honorees were inducted by Dirt Sports magazine into the ranch's legendary Carrera Cantina "Wall of Fame." Gary Blalock, Jeff Cummings and Frank DeAngelo, all who have been with BFGoodrich Tires since the first time the tire manufacturer raced in Baja 35 years ago, were on hand to accept the award. This year's group joins off-road racing's biggest stars including Sal Fish, Corky McMillin, Larry Roeseler, Bob Gordon, Ivan Stewart, Larry Ragland, Rod Hall and Robby Gordon. BFGoodrich Tires is the first company to ever receive the award.

The following is a complete list of BFGoodrich Tires 2010 SCORe Baja 500 class winners:

  • SCORe Trophy Truck - Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin
  • Class 1 - Steve Appleton/Mike Julson
  • Class 1-2/1600 - Brian Wilson/Sammy ehrenberg
  • Class 5 - Drew Belk/Jim Anderson
  • Class 6 - David Caspino/Robert Mason
  • Class 7 - Dan Chamlee/Tom Chamlee
  • Class 10 - Sergio Salgado/Gustavo Pinuelas
  • SCORe Lite - Steve eugenio/Adam Pfankuch
  • Stock Full - Tim Casey/Jeremy Spirkoff
  • Class 7-2 - Ron Stobaugh/Lance Clifford
  • Class 4 - ed Zimmerman/Donald Zimmerman

BFGoodrich Tires drivers earned seven of the top 10 overall four-wheel spots:

1. SCORe Trophy Truck - Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin (TT class winner)
2. SCORe Trophy Truck - Gus Vildosola Jr./Gus Vildosola Sr.
4. SCORe Trophy Truck - Roger Norman/Larry Roeseler
5. SCORe Class 1 - Steve Appleton/Mike Julson (Class 1 winner)
6. SCORe Trophy Truck - Nick Vanderwey/Curt LeDuc
7. SCORe Class 1 - Ronny Wilson/John Herder
9. SCORe Trophy Truck - Bryce Menzies/Larry Job

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