Posted on March 26, 2013

BFGoodrich® Tires Continues Its Desert Racing Assault


BFGoodrich® Tires history in endurance desert racing continues to be rewritten in 2013. Teams running BFGoodrich Tires won the day over the competition and took the top seven positions overall and claimed nine class wins at the Best In The Desert General Tire Mint 400 Presented by Polaris Champion.

Bryce Menzies (Las Vegas, Nev.) powered his Ford Trick Truck over the extremely rough terrain for the overall win on Saturday and was followed by the next six finishers on BFGoodrich Tires. Mark Weyhrich (Troutdale, Ore.) claimed the second position and Rob MacCachren (Las Vegas, Nev.) rounded out the podium spots. Other notable finishers included Jason Voss (Cupertino, Calif.) in fourth, Gary Weyhrich (Troutdale, Ore.) in fifth, Chuck Hovey claimed the the 1500 class win (escondido, Calif.) and placed sixth overall, with Steve Olliges (Las Vegas, Nev.) seventh.

Through the rugged terrain of this course, BFGoodrich Tires further proved its leadership position as the most dependable off road racing tire as the brand won nine of the possible 13 classes, in which it competed at the event, including all six classes on Saturday in the four-lap, 386 mile race.

This result in the desert has been a consistent theme for BFGoodrich Tires this season after claiming a podium sweep and 11 of the 12 Pro four-wheel classes at the SCORe San Felipe 250 two weeks ago and the top two finishers at the Best In The Desert Parker 425 earlier this year.

"These great results aren't a coincidence," said Chris Baker, BFGoodrich Motorsports Director. "These desert races are characterized as the most punishing on cars and drivers where tire durability and toughness is paramount. From the desert playgrounds in the United States to the grueling conditions of Baja, Mexico, BFGoodrich Tires has proven its toughness to drivers through their finishing positions in the most challenging motorsports environment."

MacCachren started on the pole for the Mint 400 but faced some adversity early on with vibrations from a bent driveshaft that resulted in him being passed within the first 90 miles. He was able to make the repair and continue chasing the field for a strong third place finish.

While MacCachren raced from behind, Menzies did battle with 2011 Mint 400 Champion BJ Baldwin, whom he passed just under the 100 mile mark. After Jesse Jones chose not to pit and passed Menzies for the lead halfway through the race, Menzies battled back and took the top spot passing Jones on the third lap and never looked back. even with no brakes in the last 20 miles, Menzies rolled over the course to the finish line.

"We had one broken wheel today," said Menzies post-race. "I won't even say it was a flat tire. BFG tires are the toughest tire out there and this race again proved it. Thanks BFGoodrich."

Other class winners included races completed on Friday where BFGoodrich Tires claimed three of the seven classes including: Steve Sourapas (Rancho Sante Fe, Calif.) in the 1800S class; Ronny Wilson (Long Beach, Calif) in the 1100P class, and Tim Casey (Brea, Calif.) in the 8100P class.

Reflecting on the day and attributing his success to his equipment, Class 7200 winner Al Hogan (Columbus, Mon.) said, "What tire do I have on my truck? Say it again! Say it again! That's right, BFGoodrich. These are the same tire I started this race on. No flats. I passed guys all day long changing tires. Not me, and why? Say it again. BFG."

Top 10 Final of Saturday race with BFGoodrich drivers in BOLD

  1. Bryce Menzies (Las Vegas, Nev.) Class 1400 6:19:59.614
  2. Mark Weyhrich (Troutdale, Ore.) Class 1400 6:28:17.427
  3. Rob MacCachren (Las Vegas, Nev.) Class 1400 6:34:41.112
  4. Jason Voss (Cupertino, Calif.) Class 1400 6:51:51.231
  5. Gary Weyhrich (Troutdale, Ore.) Class 1400 7:02:31.999
  6. Chuch Hovey (escondido, Calif.) Class 1500 7:09:44.050
  7. Steve Olliges (Las Vegas, Nev.) Class 1400 7:12:47.163
  8. Cameron Steele (San Clemente, Calif.) Class 1400 7:15:00.611
  9. Daniel McMillin (LaMesa, Calif.) Class 1400 7:16:25.464
  10. Harley Letner (Orange, Calif.) Class 1500 7:22:46.722


BFGoodrich Class Winners

Class 1800 - Steve Sourapas

Class 1400- Bryce Menzies

Class 1500 - Chuck Hovey

Class 6100 - Jason Ruane

Class 7200 - Al Hogan

Class 8000 - Cole Fielding

Class 8100 - Tim Casey

Class 1000 - Chip Prescott

Class 1100 - Ronny Wilson


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